Video of Dollar General robbery from Nov. 8 released


The Jonesboro Police Department is releasing in-store footage from a Dollar General aggravated robbery that occurred on November 8 at approximately 8:18pm.

A suspect is seen casing the store 45 minutes before the robbery occurs, and enters/leaves 4 times beforehand. JPD is asking for your help in the identification of the suspect in the red jacket/grey hat (Suspect 1), as well as the armed suspect in the black jacket/pants (Suspect 2). A yellow bandana is seen in Suspect 1’s back pocket before the robbery as well as in Suspect 2’s pocket after.

Some of this footage may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.

If you know these suspects or their whereabouts, send us a message or call the Desk Sergeant at 870-935-5657. If your tip leads to the arrest of one or both suspects, you will be entitled to a substantial cash award through CrimeStoppers of Jonesboro.

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Rock Litle

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