The Story Behind Natalie Madison and Art Is In Cakes

What began as hobby for a young seventeen-year-old blossomed into a passion that has impacted bakers and edible artists worldwide. Natalie Madison was drawn to cake decorating from an early age–when she created her first Wilton rose. From then on, she saw the world through the lens of edible art. Learning and practicing as much as possible, she absorbed the techniques from college as an art major and applied her mastery to the decorating realm. When she opened her bakery, she immediately started thinking outside the box–making her mark with such realistic designs it was sometimes hard to tell it was cake!

While she loved baking and the cakes she made, Natalie found a new passion: teaching. In 2018, Natalie closed the bakery to open Art Is In Cakes Bakery and Supply in Little Rock, Arkansas. Doubling as a retail store and a classroom, Art Is In Cakes has quickly become the one-stop-shop for everything related to baking and edible art. While impacting the many artists locally, Natalie has also launched a website containing not only all of her products but also video tutorials–reaching bakers worldwide!

Instead of baking cakes herself–Natalie decided to help other bakers with their creations–touching more people with the joy of the craft. Whether she is experimenting in the classroom, showcasing her skills at the local TV station, or sharing advice with customers one on one, Natalie makes it obvious she not only loves the art of decorating–she loves the people.


Here at Art Is In Cakes, we provide the Tools and Knowledge to build your Passion for Baking. Join us at and subscribe to our YouTube ( and Vimeo channels to find more videos related to cake decorating, cookie decorating, baking, and candy making. And if you are local to Little Rock, Arkansas, we have a beautiful store front and sell all things related to baking at 9807 W. Markham St., Little Rock, AR 72205. And in the back is our dedicated classroom…just waiting for you.

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