The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Salutes “The Lost Eleven”

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud reads excerpts from the book “The Lost Eleven” as he looks back 74 years to December 17, 1944, when eleven brave heroes were savagely murdered by German stormtroopers in a cow pasture in Wereth, Belgium. I ask that you close your eyes as you envision the brutality inflicted​ on these eleven black soldiers. Soldiers who mind you were fighting to secure democracy for a country that didn’t recognize them as citizens. I will read Chapters 81-82 and the part of the Epilogue​.

Charley Battery, 333rd Field Artillery Division
Tech Sergeant William Edward Pritchett: from Alabama
Tech Sergeant James Aubrey Stewart: from West Virginia
Staff Sergeant Thomas J. Forte: from Louisiana, mess sergeant
Corporal Mager Bradley: from Mississippi
Private First Class George Davis: from Alabama
Private First Class James Leatherwood: from Mississippi
Private First Class George W. Moten: from Texas
Private First Class Due W. Turner: from Arkansas
Private Curtis Adams: from South Carolina, medic
Private Robert Green: from Georgia
Private Nathanial Moss: from Texas”

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