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Buster races through the puddles with a splish splash splosh
Mud is flying everywhere he’s going to need a wash!
Terry Tractor has a plan!
staying dry if he can
On this wet and muddy day

Buster speeds up watch him go!
But Terrys right ahead! Slow down OH NOOOO!
Schreeeech go the brakes, schreeech schreech schreech!
I’m glad their both okay!

Buster races through the puddles with a splish splosh splash!
Slow down Buster, we don’t want you to crash!
Schreech go the brakes followed by a thud!
Buster is stuck in the mud!

Buster has got himself into a muddle!
It’s getting dark and he’s stuck in a muddy puddle
But look whos come to save the day!
Terry the tractor is here hooraayyyy!

Terry rolls through the puddles with a whish wash whoosh
He’s going to help Buster with a mighty bug push!
With a heave and a ho and a slipper ripper roooooo
Buster springs out the puddle woooo hoooooo!

Busters wheels go round again
Round all the puddles
Round and round!

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