Christmas Parade in Fort Smith, Arkansas Early 1960s – with marching bands

Young Gene McCluney took his first 8mm camera, loaded with color film, to film a Fort Smith Christmas parade in 1960, 1961 or 1962. He did a pretty good job for a little boy! If you can pinpoint the year or identify people in the video, leave a comment or email Here are some interesting things to watch for:

Notice the Fort Smith Lincoln High School Marching Band! (We think.) We’d like to identify all the bands, including what appears to be a military marching band briefly seen between the :10 and :22 second mark. The Waldron, Ark. band is seen at :45 seconds. The Ramsey Ram Band goes by at :53. (Fort Smith Ramsey Junior High). There’s a mystery band dressed in white coveralls. Spiro, Okla. High School marches by at 1:53. Is the band wearing gold uniforms at minute 2:23 Darby Junior High? At 2:57, another unidentified band is seen. At 3:17 is, we think, the Lincoln High School Band of Fort Smith. Another unidentified band wearing red uniforms and black neckties follows them. C’mon, Bandies and alumni! Tell us what you know.

We’re curious about all of it. Please identify the floats, too. We see the First Christian Church Bell Choir on a float near 2:41. Name any people among the spectators or in the parade. Be sure to give the time mark to which you are referring.

Pro tip: you can set the speed to slow motion by clicking the Settings icon (a gear shape) to the right of the fill bar.

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